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Our travelers say

We ordered Pandas volunteer 1-day program and it was a truly fantastic experience. First time in my life could see live pandas, interact with them, watch their behavior and feed. I want to thanx specially Pandas China Tour. They answered with patience all our emails and questions (and we had many since for me it was also first time in China). Their guide Sissi and the driver came in advance, we woke up quite late and couldn't have breakfast, so on our request they found an open cafe at such an early time. Sissi was with us the whole day, answering our questions and giving a lot of information about Sichuan place, the Natural Reserve and pandas. That was a great experience! And I can highly recommend this provider.

Veronika N.

I used Panda China Tour to help coordinate my volunteering experience at 2 of the panda reserves and a panda hike. My guide and driver, Sissi and Ray, were friendly and more than accommodating. They went out of their way to make sure this trip was special and even delayed our return to Chengdu by a couple of hours after I decided last minute that I wanted to take a photo with the panda cub. Their tour was definitely the highlight of my trip. Top Marks!!!


Panda China Tour has been always helpful and willing to adapt to our request. Tibetan guide that followed us during whole trip was also very helpful and skilled. Highly recommend!

Alice A.

This is Christopher. My trip is nearly complete now, I'm just waiting for my flight home. It was fantastic! The sights, the hotels you chose, the guides you picked and the entire operation went very smooth. It's too bad I couldn't extend and do more on this trip, but I have committed to another trip to China either late this year or early next year (2012). A few of my favorited highlights: - I did get to very briefly see a wild panda. It was hard hiking to see it, but I at least got to see one. - The section of the great wall you chose was AMAZING. There wasn't a single tourist the entire hike, the guides were very nice and the Great Wall in that section was spectacular. It was so beautiful. Better than I imagined it would be. So thanks for all your help this time. I will be dropping you some emails in a few months to start setting up a second trip. Tibet for example.

Chris S.

Good morning Sissi, We had a great time on our cruise and having you arrange things for us made it so easy. We were lucky and our boat was only 20% full so everything was not crowded and we felt the trip was very relaxing. There was only one other western couple on the cruise and luckily Leslie and I liked them quite a lot. The guides you had meet us were both very nice, on time and helpful. I am sure we will be contacting you again in the future. We are thinking we would like to fly to Xian on a Friday afternoon and see the terracota warriors on Saturday and maybe birdwatching on Sunday before returning to Chengdu sunday evening. I know that isn't really enough time there, but we don't have any more long weekends before our Christmas break. Thanks for your help,

D. P.

Things went as good as possible since we couldn't talk at all. He was an excellent birder and had a great ear (something I don't have) and was able to call in many birds for great looks. I saw 51 lifers in 3 days which put my China count over 320 and my lifelist over 2000! Leslie and I arrived back home in the states last night. Thank you for helping us so much during our two year China adventures!

D. P.

Good morning Sissi, We returned from Tibet last night and I wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful time. So many beautiful places and such interesting monasteries. Our guide and driver both did and excellent job and we were pleased with both of our hotels. I also was lucky enough to see Black-necked Cranes and Tibetan Snowcocks! Thank you once again for putting together a great trip for Leslie and I. Have a great day,

D & L

Hi Sissi, We got back home yesterday, a little tired but otherwise OK. Thank you for arranging a great holiday for us, and for being such a good companion and guide for us up the Balangshan Pass. The rest of our holiday was also very enjoyable, though our feet are sore from days in Shanghai looking for bargains and sightseeing. The Impressions Sanjie Liu at Yang Shuo was unforgettable. Please use the attached letter of introduction as you want, and also quote from it on your website. We have removed the e-mail address from our letterhead, but you may pass on our e-mail address to individual clients who want some confirmation that you actually do exist ;-) , just don't put the e-mail address on your website. We do not know the e-mail address of Li (the bird guide). Judith received the present from him at the Shanghai Hotel and was very appreciative. Could you please pass along her thanks to him. If you are in the region of Brisbane, we would like very much to hear from you and offer you food and shelter for as long as you want. With best wishes,

George & Judith Chapman

I took a personal guided bird photography tour. Guide was very knowledgeable about both birds and locations. Would recommend this to anyone into wildlife. High-altitude Sichuan is an amazing spot for birds, very good for pheasants!

Joe H.

Thanks, Sissi. I’ll never forget the trip of a lifetime that you arranged for me. Your guides were wonderful, and the itinerary was perfect (despite the typhoon). I hope I can return to China some day. What a beautiful country you have!!!

Lesley S.

Our visit to the China Conservation and Research Centre for the Giant Panda in Chengdu as volunteer workers was a fantastic experience that I would highly recommend to anyone interested in these amazing animals. It's a much more "up close and personal" experience than just going there as a visitor. There's a chance to prepare "panda cake" for the pandas as well as an opportunity to hand feed them several times throughout the day. Breaking bamboo for easier consumption and cleaning the panda enclosures are all part of the work too. There's also ample time to visit all of the pandas around the centre on the break times. This panda base is also a bit quieter than the other panda base I visited previously so it is much easier to have a bit of "quiet time" with the pandas! The staff are super friendly and helpful and the English speaking guide was lots of fun - especially given that I brought 2 children with me. There's also a small gift given to each participant, lunch provided and a documentary (in English) to watch giving more information on the aims of the Research Centre. Highly recommended!

Mac. A.

Dear Cecillia We had a very good trip in Yunnan. We especially enjoyed the tiger leaping gorge and our stay in Lijiang. I think we could have skipped Kunming altogether - we didnt find it interesting. If I have any suggestions they would be related to the safety aspects of the trek. Our guide Sharon was really good but she didnt mention safety related issues at all and while she was very chatty, she didnt appear to be very knowledgeable. However, as I said, it was a very good trip and we wish to thank you and your team for that. I will certainly recommend your company to any of my friends and acquaintances when they want to travel to China. Thank you Cecillia! Kind regards

Rasika and Ashok

Hi Sissi! How are you these days? It’s a month since we came back from our wonderful vacation and we still talk about it with our friends. It was a very successful trip and that is due mostly to you; you were able to organize everything very well and accommodate all the requests from different people in our group. I would like to thank you for all your help and wish you good luck, good health and happiness! See attached some pictures and if you are interested we can send you some more… Thank you and have a good day!

Sorin B.

A great big thanks our guide, Abby! She was very patient with my kids, and she knew her pandas. Our kids (we are a couple with 3 kids) loved her and were really into her panda stories. We had two day tour with Panda China Tour. The first day we visited Chengdu Panda Breeding Center then we went to Dujiangyan. Voluteering in Dujiangyan was the real highlight of the trip. Kids said this trip was their favorite Christmas present. Highly recommend Panda China Tour to anyone, especially those with kids!

Johanna G.W.

Hi Abby, Thank you! We had a wonderful time! Ray was a such good driver, and we were very impressed with his English. We were very happy to have him keep us safe on the mountain roads. He basically served as a guide and a driver! The trip wouldn’t have been the same without him! Anyone who wants to go way off the beaten path, be sure to ask for Ray!

Cindy V. G.

Hi Abby, Thank you so much for organizing this trip for us! My friends and I were so happy to have this trip! Pandas, pandas and pandas! It’s our first time to see so many pandas! They are soooooo cuuuuuuuute. Ya’an Panda Base and Wolong Panda Base were both under construction, so we didn’t want to go there. Chengdu Panda Base, Dujiangyan Panda Base and Dujiangyan Panda Valley were great alternatives, though. I could just watch the babies all day. See you next time I get my panda craving! Thanks!

Julia, B. J.

Hi Abby, Thank you for taking care of my parents. They were very happy about this trip the great guides, delicious food and stunning view. The guides in Szechuan and Yunnan were both great. They were very impressed that the guide in Szechuan knew birds as well. They and their friends are planning go to Tibet or do the Silk Road. They will contact you directly. Thanks for your team!

Megan J.

Hi Cecilia, Thank you for all your work. We are at the boarding gate now. I’m writing to thank you for everything you did for us. I was freaked out, when I couldn’t find my passport. Be sure to thank Andy again, we would have missed our flight had he not brought it to us! He was a great guide, and we learned so much. The tea tasting was our favorite. Our guides in Beijing and Guilin were great also! Be sure to send them a big thank you as well! If we ever actually make it to Tibet, we will call you first!

Barbara J.

Hi Sissi, We are stuck at Beijing airport. I’m writing to thank you for organizing this trip for us. We had a nice trip in China. I know you can’t do anything about these storms, but everything else was really nice. Thank you for recommending our accommodations and activities. We quite enjoyed them. Buddha Zen was pleasant guesthouse. It wasn’t the same type of the hotels we stayed. We never would have found that without you! Food was good through the whole trip. Guides were flexible and helpful. Thank you.

Ann M. K.

Hi Sissi, We were back to home safe and sound. Thank you for your accompany. The trip was just terrific. Everything was perfect. Perfect weather, perfect landscape and amazing birds! Balangshan was so gorgeous. We had a lovely time with you. We will contact you soon for another Sichuan birding tour, or maybe a Yunnan birding tour.

Carol and Hans S.

Thanks Alice. Your team did a great job. Our guide, Andy, was very knowledgeable. He taught us all we wanted to know about history and food. The museums there are great, Sanxingdui and Jinsha Museum were really amazing. Sichuan museum was nice too. Tibetan district was a nice surprise as well! Thanks for everything!

Michael D.

We visited the Chengdu Panda Base , Wenshu Temple and did the Sichuan Cooking Class. Thank you for arranging our tour last minute! Our guide, Andy, spoke English very well, and could answer all of our questions. I think the best part was when he took us to the market to buy the ingredients for the cooking class (and eating the food!) The food market was amazing. Special thanks to Abby for organizing such a great itinerary and in such short notice (and putting up with us). We would highly recommend Panda China Tour!

Michelle, K. C.