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Western Sichuan Tibetan Tour

Chengdu, Rilong, Danba, Xinduqiao, Daocheng, Yading
Mountain Siguniang, Litang Chode Gompa, Yading Nature Reserve
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Western Sichuan owns gorgeous landscapes and rich Tibetan flavour. While we cross Balangshan Pass to Siguniang Mountains, you will taste of the Tibetan world. Along the road you could see a lot of herds of cattle and sheep, fields of wild flowers. Views are stunning! And we will move forward to Danba which is set in a dramatic gorge overlooking the confluence of three rushing rivers. And this town is a gateway into Tibetan Sichuan. In this town you will have a good chance to visit pretty Tibetan villages in the hills. And then we will head to Litang. Tibetan block homes and grazing yaks dot on vast grasslands. And we will pay a visit very famous Tibetan Monastery, Chode Gompa. A statue of Sakyamuni in the monastery is believed to have been carried from Lhasa by foot. Do hiking in Yading, awe-inspiring nature reserves, is an amazing lifetime experience. Besides impressive views with snow peaks, you will feel you are close to a real you while you trek.





Day 1__Arrive in Chengdu

Today you will arrive in Chengdu. The fertile Chengdu Plain, on which Chengdu is located, is also known as the "Country of Heaven". You will be greeted and met at the airport. And then be transferred to your hotel.


Day 2__Chengdu to Rilong

Today we will drive about 5-hour to Rilong via Wolong and Mt. Balang (Balang Shan). Here is the only way which must be passed leading up to the Siguniang Mountains through the Balangshan Pass which is 4523 meters above sea level. On the road you could see a lot of herds of cattle and sheep, fields of wild flowers. Of course, different seasons are with different plants and view.


Day 3__Rilong

Today you will visit Changping Valley.

Changping Valley: one of four peaks of the Siguniang Mountains lies 16 km inside the valley. And only part of the road is open to traffic and the rest are only suitable for people to walk or ride horses. It’s a lovely to do hiking through Coniferous forest, broadleaf forest, sub-forests, shrub wood and weed clusters joggle, isn’t it? Today we will spend about 6-7 hours in Changping Valley.




Day 4__Rilong to Danba

Today you will visit Shuangqiao Valley. And then we will drive to Danba.

Shuangqiao Valley: of Mt. Siguniang (Four Sisters Mountain). The valley is at an elevation of 3,840 m, measures about 34.8 km. It is the most easily accessible place to view snowy peaks, pastures, grassland and forests.

Danba: There are a number of pretty Tibetan villages in the hills round here.


Day 5__Danba to Tagong to Xinduqiao

This morning you will visit Jiaju Tibetan Village. On the way to Xinduqiao, you will pay a visit to Tagong Lamasery.

Jiaju Tibetan Village: Being named "Best Village in China' by Chinese National Geographic in 2005 was probably going a bit far, but with its fruit trees, its charming Tibetan stone houses and its remote location, Jiaju is certainly worth the trip.




Tagong Lamasery: is a famous Nyingmapa monastery built in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). The place miraculously escaped destruction during the Culture Revolution.


Day 6__Xinduqiao to Yajiang to Litang to Daocheng

Drive to Daocheng. About 2 hours driving, you will arrive at Litang, which is the home of the 7th Dalai Lama. And you will visit Litang Monastery Ker’er Si (Litang Chode Gompa) on the way to Daocheng.

Litang Monastery Ker’er Si (Litang Chode Gompa): was a Tibetan Lamasery built for the 3rd Dalai Lama, now it is the largest monastery of the Gelukpa School in South-Kham.


Day 7__Daocheng to Riwa to Yading

Today we will drive to Yading. In the afternoon, you will trek to visit Chonggu Monastery (3880m). And then you will trek to Zhuoma Latso Lake (4000m) to see Mt. Xiannairi (Chenresig).

Chonggu Monastery: is a small monastery owning more than 700-year history. From here, you could see the northern part of Mt. Xiannairi.




Day 8__Yading to Riwa to Daocheng

Today you will visit Yading Nature Reserve. This late afternoon, we will drive back to Daocheng.

Yading Nature Reserve: is one of China's most awe-inspiring nature reserves, Tibetan's holy land. Today you will do about 6-hour trekking in the Reserve. Firstly you will take sightseeing bus to Luorong Pasture (4180m). From here you will start to trek to Milk Lake (4600m) and Five-coloured Lake (4800). Both Milk Lake and Five-coloured Lake are situated at the saddle between Jampelyang and the south face of Chenresig, with Chanadorje standing at the east rage. This is the 2nd place to admire all of the 3 sacred peaks after Luorong Pasture. This 6-hour trekking is not easy, but the view is amazing.


Day 9__Daocheng to Xinduqiao

It’s a long driving day. Enjoy breathtaking views and fantastic landscapes on the way.


Day 10__Xinduqiao to Kangding to Moxi to Chengdu

Today we will drive back to Chengdu. If it’s late May or June, when you reach the Yajiageng Pass, you could see the mountains are covered by blooming azalea. Drive to a little bit lower. You could find loads of red stones along the river. Local call it Red Stone Beach.


Day 11 Departure

Your 11-day Western Sichuan Tour is near the end. After breakfast, you will be transferred to the airport for your flight back to your home.


The itinerary could be tailor made according to your personal request, like as you could fly back to Chengdu from Daocheng or you could extend your tour to Yunnan, please don’t hesitate to send an email to info@pandachinatour.com and let us know your ideas. We are pleased to help.