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Langzhong Ancient Town and Yangtze Cruise Tour

Chengdu, Emei, Langzhong, Chongqing, Yichang, Shanghai
Golden Summit of Mountain Emeishan, Langzhong Ancient Town, Three Gorges
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After visit Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Center, you will take a boat to see the largest seated Buddha and visit the glittering summit of Mt. Emei with glazed tiles and surrounded by white marble balustrades, the renovated temple. After that you will explore one the Four Ancient Towns of China, Langzhong Ancient Town. Then the tour will bring you to the Buddhist Caves at Dazu and to Chongqing. You will aboard Yangtze Cruise heading for the awe-inspiring Three Gorges, the China’s most spectacular river, at Chongqing. When you Yangtze cruise disembark at Yichang, you will fly to visit the vibrant Shanghai. It is best seen as an epilogue to your China tour.





Day 01__Arrival in Chengdu
Arrive in Chengdu, you will be met by your tour guide and taken to your hotel.

Chengdu: is famous for its three unique characteristics, which are "Heavenly Scenery," "Bashu Culture," (one title of Sichuan) and "Hometown of Pandas".


Day 02__Chengdu to Leshan to Emei City
In the morning you will visit the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Center. After that we will drive to Emei City, and you will take a cruise to see the Leshan Giant Buddha on the way.

The Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Center: is an excellent recreational area and a highlight of any visit to Chengdu. And here besides Giant Panda, you could see Red Pandas at the same time.

Leshan Giant Buddha: from Chengdu, we will drive about 160km to Leshan to take a cruise to adore the Leshan Giant Buddha, the largest sculpture of Buddha in the world, standing 71 meters tall.




Day 03__Mt. E’mei to Chengdu
Today you will visit glittering the Golden Summit of the Mountain Emei.

Mountain Emei: one of China’s four most important Buddhist mountains, it is said that Buddhism was brought to Mt. E’mei in the first century BC. After breakfast, we will visit the golden summit of Mt. E’mei. The Golden summit is the highlight to any visitor trip to Mt. Emei. Visitors standing on the Golden Summit are truly among the clouds, as clouds can be seen above and below them adding to the splendor of the place. The Golden Buddha located on the Golden Summit is a golden statue of Puxian. It is the highest golden Buddha statue in the world. Cast in copper, and plated in gold, the Golden Buddha is 48 meters in height, and has a Buddhist temple located inside. In the afternoon, we will drive back to Chengdu.


Day 04__Chengdu to Langzhong
Today we will drive to visit Langzhong Ancient Town.

Langzhong Ancient Town: is one of the Four Ancient Towns in China. The rest three are Lijiang Ancient Town, Pingyao Ancient Town and Anhui Shexian Ancient Town. Why not climb to the top of Huaguang Lou for bird’s-eye views of the town’s rooftops and lanes at sunset.
Day 05__Langzhong Ancient City
Morning time you will visit Zhang Fei Temple, Feng Shui Museum and Gongyuan. The rest time is at your own leisure to explore this ancient city. In the evening we will watch shadow puppetry show.

Zhang Fei Temple: is the tomb of and shrine to local boy Zhang Fei, a respected general during the kingdom of Shu, who administered the kingdom from here.

Feng Shui Museum: includesa model of the town, illustrating its feng shui, inspiring design.

Gongyuan: among the best-preserved imperial examination halls in China.

Shadow Puppetry Show: could trace back to Qing Dynasty. Last century 80s, Wangwen Kun absorbed other puppetry play’s advantage and set up northern Sichuan puppetry play. He was the first peasant stood on Vienna Golden Hall. His grandson is 7th generation of Wang Family Puppetry play.


Day 06__Langzhong to Chongqing

Today we will drive from Langzhong to Chongqing. On the way, we will visit Dazu Rock Carvings.

Dazu Rock Carvings: the fabulous rock carvings of Dazu are a Unesco World Heritage Site and one of China’s four great Buddhist cave sculpture sites, along with those at Dunhuang, Luoang and Datong. The Dazu sculptures are the most recent of four, but some believe the artwork here to be the best of all.




Day 07__Chongqing to Yangtze Cruise

In the morning we will visit Ciqikou Ancient Town. After lunch, we will visit Huguang Guild Hall. After that we will board the Yangtze Cruise.

Ciqikou Ancient Town: you will have the opportunity to glimpse slices of old Chongqing making it worth riding out to this part of town, on the Jialing River west of the centre.

Huguang Guild Hall: which one served as a community headquarters for immigrants from the Hu (Hunan and Hubei) and Guang (Guangdong and Guangxi) provinces who arrived in Chongqing several hundred years ago. If we are lucky, we could free to watch the rehearsals of Yue Opera and Jing Opera, usually between 3 pm and 6 pm.

Yangtze Cruise: Yangtze, the longest river of China, surges dramatically west-east across the nation before pouring into the Pacific Ocean. Yangtze Cruise is the most marvelous river cruise in China. It will lead you into the magnificent Three Gorges.


Day 08__Yangtze Cruise

After breakfast, visit the Ghost City of Fengdu County on the moring. Fengdu is where the devil lives, according to Chinese legend. The whole place has an eerie feel to it with deserted streets, tower blocks, empty shops and banks. The only people here are those who make a living from visiting cruise boats. The Captain's Welcome Party will be held.


Day 09__Yangtze Cruise

Take a small boat to Shennong Stream in the afternoon. Shennong Stream is another tributary of the Yangtze River, and its fast-flowing, crystal clear water runs southwards through deep gorges. In the evening, various activities and performances are included on the cruise. Performances include costume shows, magic shows. Sichuan Opera and the Magical Mask Changing are sometimes included.


Day 10__Yichang to Shanghai

Today first visit Three Gorges Dam. When the cruise ends, transferred to the airport and take a flight to Shanghai. This evening we will wander at the Bund.

Three Gorges Dam: the largest water conservancy project ever undertaken by man. It has been a dream for several generations of Chinese people. It will be 2,335 meters long, 185 meters high, 18 meters wide on the top and 130 meters wide at the bottom. The tourists can get access to the top of the dam and enjoy different kinds of photo opportunities.

The Bund: symbolic of colonial Shanghai, the Bund was the city’s Wall St. a place of feverish trading and fortunes made and lost. Originally a towpath for dragging barges of rice, the Bund was gradually transformed into a grandiose sweep of the most powerful banks and trading houses in Shanghai. Today it has emerged as a designer retail and restaurant zone, and the city’s most exclusive boutiques, restaurants and hotels see the Bund as the only place to be.


Day 11__Departure
Your Langzhong Ancient Town and Yangtze Cruise Tour will be near the end. You will be transferred to the airport for your departure flight.



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