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China Culture Exploration Tour

Beijing, Xian, Lhasa, Chengdu, Lijiang, Shanghai
Forbidden City,Great Wall,Terracotta Warriors,Potala Palace,Panda Breeding Centre, Xitang Water Town
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Day 1 Beijing

Arrive in Beijing, the capital of China. You are greeted by your guide at the airport and transferred to the hotel. After a short break in the hotel, you will take rickshaws through Beijing's Hutong, experiencing the lifestyle of the Beijing locals. You will have an opportunity to make a paper cut. The Chinese paper cut is a national handicraft with profound cultural connotations. It is an opportunity to make a traditional Chinese handicraft in the Hutong area. It is easy to learn and only requires a pair of scissors and paper, but a good paper cut requires a great deal of skill in cutting and paper selection. The teacher will share the basic skills of this craft. You can ask your teacher, if you want to take home the fruit of your labor.


Day 2 Beijing

Day tour starts from Temple of Heaven, where emperors performed annual rituals of sacrifice to ensure prosperity for future generations. And then we will visit the Forbidden City, in scripted as a UNESCO world cultural heritage site in 1987.Built between 1406-1420, it is the largest palace of the world complex covering 74 hectares. It has 9999 halls and rooms in which emperors lived for over 500 hundred years in Ming and Qing dynasties. And then we will take a leisure walk around Tian An Men Square to admire the grandeur of the largest public squares in the world.


Day 3 Beijing

After breakfast, we will visit the Great Wall, one of the eight ancient wonders of between 6000- 6500km long built over several centuries to keep out the invading northern tribes. After a hike along a portion of the Wall, we visit the Ming Tombs, a secluded valley housing 14 imperial burial mounds.


Day 4 Beijing

In the morning, we visit the Summer Palace which was built 800 years ago. It is the second largest and best-preserved royal garden in China, with 294 hectares including the beautiful and serene Kunming Lake. After lunch, we will visit Lama Temple, the only Beijing city temple that survived the Cultural Revolution.

It is the largest Lama Temple outside Tibet. It was built in 1694 and the architecture and ornamentation of the buildings show the influence of Han, Manchu, Mongolian and Tibetan styles. And ten we visit 798 Factory.


Day 5 Beijing - Xi’an

After breakfast, we will take flight to Xi’an. Upon arrival, we will cycle on the Ancient City Wall. The walls, ramparts, gates and watchtowers form one of the oldest and most complete city defenses still around. Built in the 13th century on the foundations of the original Tang Forbidden City surrounding the city centre, it is a major landmark, and the best preserved, as well as the oldest and largest of the city defense systems in China. We operate this with bicycle. And then we will stroll at the Muslim quarter, which lies 100 meters west of the Bell tower in downtown Xi'an. The 500 meters long avenue paved by bluestones are dotted with many unique stall, souvenir shop, café and bars which are mostly run by Muslim people. Tourists, especially from overseas come and shop here.


Day 6 Xi’an

After breakfast, we will take flight to Xi’an. Upon arrival, we will visit Terracotta Warriors. It is the most significant archeological excavations of the 20th century. It was listed by UNESCO in 1987 as one of the world cultural heritages. And then we will visit the majestic Big Wild Goose Pagoda. It is a well-preserved ancient building and a holy place for Buddhists.


Day 7 Xi’an - Lhasa

Today you will take flight to Lhasa. Upon arrival, we will check in, and then the rest time is free for you acclimatizing to the high altitude in preparation for your sightseeing.


Day 8 Lhasa

Tour starts from the religious Potala Palace (3700 m )built in the 7th century by the famous Tibetan king-Songtzen Gampo.

The present one was built by the 5th Dalai Lama in the 17th century. It became known as the "Winter Palace" by the 1750, when the 7th Dalai Lama built the Norbulingka Park as his summer residence. After lunch, you will visit Jokhang Temple, situated in the old section of Lhasa. King Songtzen Gampo built this temple in the mid-7th century A.D. Now it is the most sacred place in Tibet. Pilgrims come here to pay homage from all over Tibet. After that we will wander in Barkhore Street.


Day 9 Lhasa

Full day sightseeing takes you to Drepung Monastery which is the largest of the monastery of the Gelug Sect in Tibet. After that, you will visit Norbulingka Park. In 1752, the 7th Dalai Lama built the first palace here for successive Dalai Lamas to carry out their political and religious activities during the summer season. Today Norbulingka has become a public park for picnicking, relaxing and entertainment.


Day 10 Lhasa ?Chengdu

After breakfast, you will take flight to Chengdu. Upon arrival, we will visit Wide and Narrow Folk Street.


Day 11 Chengdu

In the morning, we will visit Giant Panda Breeding Centre to see this beautiful and lovely creature. After lunch we will visit Wenshu Monastery, which is the best-preserved Buddhist temple in Chengdu. It is the home of the Buddhist Association of Sichuan Province and Chengdu City. And we will have a cup of tea in the Monastery tea house. And then we will visit Wenshu Folk Street.


Day 12 Chengdu

In the morning, we will drive to Leshan to visit Giant Buddha.

After lunch, we will drive to Huanglongxi Ancient Town. It has 2100 years of history. Streets maintained in the Qing Dynasty general fishbone-shaped road network in the traditional pattern.


Day 13 Chengdu - Lijiang

After breakfast, you will take flight to Lijiang. Upon arrival, we will visit the Black Dragon Pool. The park holds the Black Dragon Pool and gets name because of it. The pool is listed in the Collections of Famous Pools of China because of its beauty. And then we will visit Lijiang Old Town.


Day 14 Lijiang

In the morning, we visit the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain which is a snow capped mountain with an altitude of 5596 meters above sea level. The mountain has 13 peaks of which the highest is 18000 feet above sea level. Its high mountain and meadow views setting off the snow and rivers, construct amazing picture. Yak Meadow is a large patch of pasture tucked away hidden amongst a virgin spruce forest on the eastern side of the Yulong Snow Mountain. In the afternoon, we will visit the Mural in Baisha Village. Baisha village is one of the Naxi Minority villages in Lijiang and is more special because of the collection of murals in the village. Painted over a thousand years ago, they combine the cultures of Han, Tibetan and Naxi people displaying the life stories of the Tibet Buddhism, Confucian and Taoism.


Day 15 Lijiang - Shanghai

After breakfast, we will fly to Kunming and transfer domestic flight to Shanghai.


Day 16 Shanghai

After breakfast we will visit Shanghai Museum, mainly the exhibitions of painting, bronze, sculpture, ceramics, calligraphy, jade, Ming & Qing Dynasty furniture, coins, seals, and ethnic artwork. And then we will stroll along the lovely paths and pavilions of Yu Garden in Shanghai Old City and at the same time experience Shanghai recently gained modernity. In the evening we will take Huangpu River cruise along the riverfront Bund and admire the night lights on both sides of the harbor.


Day 17 Shanghai

Today we will visit Xitang Water Town. It is a beautiful town that seems like a completely different world from the hustle and bustle of Shanghai.

Cobbled streets, old buildings, bridges arching over canals, rowing boats lingering on the river, locals singing folk songs, Xitang is a charming ancient water town. is The number of bridges makes Xitang so special. There are 104 in total, built in varying styles spanning the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Cruise on the small boat is the best way to experience an environment of hustle and bustle in the water town.


Day 18 Free Day for shopping

Shanghai has been famed as "the Shopping Paradise" and "the Oriental Paris' in history. There are shopping centers, department stores, hundred year old shops, shops for special commodities and super-markets dominating the city. Today' tour will give you a free day in Shanghai for shopping with private transfer between your hotel and shopping malls and our expert guide who knows exactly where to take you, you'll get it in good measure today.


Day 19 Departure

Transfer to the airport for your departure flight.